Indonesia Wallpaper

Indonesia is officially known as the Republic of Indonesia, and it has population of 254 million. Jakarta is the capital and the largest city in Indonesia. The religions practiced in Indonesia are Islam, Protestantism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism and its national language is Indonesian. Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest country by population. The most popular sports in the country are badminton and soccer. Here are some Indonesia wallpapers.

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United States Wallpaper

United States of America is also known as the United States and America, and it has the population of 319 million. Washington, D.C is the capital and New York City is the largest city in United States of America. All around the world, America is believed to be a land of freedom, achievement, wealth and prosperity. The religions practiced in United States of America are Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism, and its national language is English. America is the world’s third largest country by population and third largest by land area. Here are some United States of America wallpapers.

statue_of_liberty_united_states-t2 golden-gate-bridge-wallpaper-united-states-world_00431839 2521-4 united-states-capitol united-states-of-america-wallpapers-5